Monday, February 9, 2009

Post 84b: Article of Interest: We Still Say a Country Needs to Know Its Limitations

Do you really have any confidence, or even just some hope, that our government has the ability to address serious problems in society? Take a look at this article which appears today in USA Today and let us know what you think after reading it. Does it provide us with an indication as to how the economic stimulus funds might be handled?


  1. Sorry Log, I have no faith in our government to deal with anything in any sort of efficient manner. Even the new guy that talks change ain't looking like he's going to change much.

    We have the best government the human race has ever created, but it still isn't much.

  2. Jonathan, we think that you are probably right, for the most part. We wouldn't say that it isn't much however. We do believe that improvements can be made. As a practical manner, if living here in America has bascially worked for you in the grand scheme of things, and you're pretty comfortable, then it is a lot; if it hasn't, then it isn't.

    Check out our next post coming up in a few minutes, which will address what we see as some fundamental problems.

  3. I had to laugh when I saw this post considering all the yapping I have been doing over the past week on the Stimulus Bill. makes one realize there is no problem with the money actually be spent any time soon so why worry Huh? Except once it is on the books it can be spent any time in the future even 10 or more years from now.

    Offering the tax credits however is money that won't be collected by the government unless claimed by the company and unless certain conditions are met. A time limit can be placed on this money that will not be collected in taxes. Not being collected in government speak is being spent or saved depending on however the party in favor wants you to "read" it. BB


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