Sunday, August 3, 2008

Post No. 29b: Are You Aware of Solar Ovens?

In Post Nos. 28 and 29, we discussed various energy issues which the United States now faces, including our dependence on foreign oil. This blog is nothing, if not exploratory, curiosity driven, and dedicated to the proposition that we could all benefit from learning something new multiple times throughout each day. Well, we came across something of which we were not previously aware - solar ovens. Check out the dishes that a fellow blogger concocts using such an appliance at Human ingenuity, resulting in technological advances, can respond to many of our societal issues, if we apply ourselves.


  1. These solar ovens are a great boon in third world countries. It cuts back wood gathering labor hours, cuts back on sickness from breathing in smoke and reduces need for tightly constrained resources.

  2. Thanks for your comments on my solar oven blog! I am new to blogging, and was pleased to find someone interested in it so soon. I look forward to this whole blogging experience-what a wonderful way to learn about new things. Thanks for the mention-the solar ovens really are great! I plan to cook exclusively in it from now on, and will be updating my blog regularly. Thanks!

  3. It's very cool idea. I asked Brenda if she had a solar 'barbeque'. Wouldn't that be great?

    This is (no doubt) a view into the future of energy efficient home cooking.


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