Monday, August 22, 2022

Post No. 206: If Only Amber Heard and Johnny Depp were Like Texas Gov. Greg Abbott


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Earlier this morning while I was watching CNN Headline News, I saw a banner appear containing the phrase, “Are We Taking Out the Trash Incorrectly?” Initially I did not take the issue very seriously, expecting a light – hearted humorous segment to follow.


However, much to my surprise two “experts” on the subject suddenly appeared to expound on the best practices associated with taking out the household trash. There was, I must admit, an occasional oblique allusion to the need to reduce the transition of bacteria or disease.


Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that in addition to Susan Hendricks snickering, the two experts were working hard to suppress their laughter. It made me question whether anyone should take them seriously while performing a routine straight out of the Abbott and Costello playbook.


But it did get me thinking. I have often suggested that because of our seeming inability as citizens to really solve the true mysteries of the desert, we take the easy route and focus on the trivial. But then again, one million of our citizens might quickly disappear (like magic) due to some exotic viral complication, unless we approached this with caution.


But that’s unlikely.


So, it was with a great deal of excitement, that I discovered a potential solution to all my societal concerns. Let’s say that one disgruntled state sends problems to which it does not wish to devote resources, or people who they regard as problematic, to another state.  Factor in the target dump off location  which is very carefully chosen based on whether the destination jurisdiction is Republican or Democratic. After all, that’s just about as good as any other determining factor when confronted with complexities.


The more and more that I thought about it, if Amber Heard or Johnny Depp had simply just bused the other to another city or state based on the political party affiliation of the current mayor or governor, they could have saved all of that moolah spent on that nasty divorce litigation, not to mention the cost of the appeal. Plus, Amber could have avoided a punitive damage award.


But then again, that would not have fared very well once the mayor or the governor of the very carefully chosen target city or state was removed from office.


I will say this: the concept forces one to consider the stark differences between Republicans and Democrats about the role of government in our nation, and the role of the United States as the leader of the Free World.


1.Can we realistically take care of our own on some basic subsistence level?


2. If we took all the wealth in our nation and divided it up equally between all citizens, what would that amount to, and would it make a difference?


3. Should we open our borders to the disenfranchised and the homeless, and the poor of the world?


4. Should one poor person be allowed to come in for each rich person we allow to come in?


5. Should border states bear a disproportionate share of the burden associated with people who wish to enter our country?


6. Should there be an equal percentage of blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, and South Pacific Islanders allowed in each year?


The reality is that we do not have answers or solutions to any of these problems. The fact that our operative governance model is "rule by current committee," and we cannot plan beyond the next election, makes governance even more difficult.


However, as an elementary schoolmate of mine reminded me, paraphrasing Thomas Sowell of Stanford, "With complex issues, there are no solutions; there are only trade - offs." That’s what happens when folks get a world – class education.


My solution? Eliminate all the frigging politicians! They are all liars, even if not by choice! :) We need a Constitutional Convention to update our governance model and tweak it to repair the broken parts of our vehicle. Take the chance to identify the 3 parts of the system which work, and produce new, innovative approaches. But I doubt that will happen because we are humans.


This 1932 Packard has just about travelled its last mile. It's time to trade it in, or upgrade, before it breaks down in the backwoods at midnight on the way to the family reunion. Nothing persists forever, except Mother Nature. And we don't control her....


So, you might ask, what is the applicability of all of this to the proper way to dispose of something posing complexities for you? For all those things for which you no longer have a need or the motivation to address, just wrap em' up, make sure that you use a 6 mil Glad brand trash liner, and take it over to your neighbor’s patio.  But only if you suspect them to be a member of the opposite political party. That approach should work as long as that neighbor continues to live in that house in your area.  I guarantee that will be longer than one political party is able to maintain control of the presidency and the legislative branch. At least you can depend and plan on that.

Thank you, Susan. Watching you snicker made my day.


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