Monday, October 20, 2008

Post 57a: C-Span Discussion re Affirmative Action Initiatives on State Ballots

At the time of this post, Shanta Driver (, Director of By Any Means Necessary, and Ward Connerly (, President of the American Civil Rights Institute, are discussing affirmative action ballot initiatives in two states.

Connerly, an African-American and a former Regent with the University of California system, was responsible for the elimination of affirmative action in governmental entities in California (through Proposition 209) twelve years ago. His organization has led the charge to eliminate affirmative action, through the initiative process, in other states.

This is interesting fare.


  1. I checked out the comment you left on my site, and yes, you may link to me, and I would like to link to you.

    You might want to see my comments on affirmative action, posted September 3.

    Happy Bloggin'

  2. Thanks Jonathan for being a loyal follower and commenter. I previously read your piece on affirmative action, the majority of which I agree. At the time of my original reading, there were two intellectual honesty problems which I had with the concept. In thinking about it further, I really only have one. Being the beneficiary of affirmative action treatment does absolutely nothing to increase the amount of respect that the "majority" feels for the recipients. Isn't the ultimate goal of all of us to be accepted and respected by others for our true value and merit?

  3. If it were revealed that Barack Obama was admitted to the educational institutions from which he graduated, through affirmative action programs, would you feel any differently about his competence to run the nation?


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