Saturday, September 27, 2008

Post 47a: If You’re Willing to Momentarily Laugh about Our Current Financial Crisis

We, here at the Institute for Applied Common Sense, generally try to avoid cynicism, since our ultimate goal is to encourage the development of innovative solutions to serious societal issues. We always assume that positive changes can be achieved. At the same time, we recognize the importance of entertaining views across the spectrum to stimulate thought and keep us on our toes. We further appreciate the role of wit and humor.

It is in this spirit that we submit for your consideration the Con Man’s Blog of Jack Payne. The following is an excerpt from his September 26, 2008 post, entitled:

Legal Scam? – Con Artists’/Politicians’ Ace in the Hole: Create Controversy

Generating 2 Strongly Opposing Sides is Key to a Good Legal Scam Employed by Con Artists and Politicians Everywhere

“It’s said that the hand that turns the knob opens the door.

If you be the con artist / politician, you know that to succeed in selling a legal scam, several steps are essential – steps necessary to just getting to the door, before you can even hope to open it.

As it’s said: Never wrestle a pig; you’ll both get dirty, and the pig likes it. Take the easy way.

You must hatch a problem so that you can organize a group of people to step in with the “solution.” You must then employ the Us and Them technique so that your group of suckers can be manipulated, with strong emotion, to become the “void-filler” in this legal scam. Tell them your powers can only be used for good. At no time overlook the potency of collective stupidity….”

It only gets better. Check it out:


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