Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Post 5b: Response to Coop's Comment

Coop wrote in pertinent part, in response to Post 5a:

"On the surface your arguments appear to hold some validity. But let’s look deeper."
"Let’s first look at times past to compare. Before Watergate the political news was dispensed through the three networks, newspapers and radio...."
"This is the advancement of the “Gotcha” game. As we see with much of the traditional mainstream media, the line between opinion and straight news reporting is all but gone...."
"This can be challenged with one name “Clinton.” [See Coop's Complete Comment.]

The essence of Coop's argument is that I focused on a relatively short time frame from which to examine the manner in which the news of political campaigns is disseminated. In his comment, he makes references to events during the last 30 years. However, in his original response, he referred to a Will Rogers comment in 1924. In my analysis, I assumed that we were going back to the beginning of politics, which I would submit, is generally the manner in which historical analysis is best conducted to gain perspective. Should you examine my comments in that light, I would submit that that are still worthy of consideration. That being said, I still value Coop's comments.

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