Friday, September 12, 2008

Post 41f: Since the Gas Prices Went Up So Dramatically Today

Earlier today, A friend indicated that when she awoke this morning, she looked out the window at a nearby gas station, and noted that the gas price for regular was $3.58. By the time she proceeded to work a couple of hours later, it was $3.89. By the time she returned home, it had risen to $4.09. I missed all of that. I did not notice the prices when I went to a luncheon meeting, but I sure noticed them when I pulled into a station on my way home: $4.19.

I actually thought that I had just awakened from a dream, since I just purchased gas yesterday, and did not see anything close to $4.19. In light of this dramatic increase, we thought it appropriate to revisit a couple of articles previously posted on energy issues:

The first deals with the various competing factors which come into play in the energy equation, and helps one understand the complexity of the issue.

The second deals with our past addiction to foreign oil, and the T. Boone Pickens plan for energy independence.

The third is an article about alternative energy, specifically about the "Saudi Arabia" of solar energy. You might be surprised.

Let's hear from you about what you think is really going on with respect to this energy issue.

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