Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Post No. 191: The Ray Rice Video Didn't Change Sh__ !

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While I appreciate, from a theoretical perspective, that a video may sometimes provide us with a better appreciation of a situation, I do not see where it should have made a difference here.

Let me review the undisputed facts:

1. Three time Pro Bowler professional football player;

2. Knocks female unconscious;

3. Drags her out of elevator by her hair.

Hmmm. That’s 18 words. Should have taken less than 18 seconds to figure out how to handle this unfortunate situation.

And that's common sense and personal responsibility all rolled up into one notion, and one about which I hope that my target audience, college students, would not think any further.

P.S. You don't even need to know who Ray Rice is or click on the hyperlinks gratuitously provided to figure out what to do in this instance.


  1. Here’s my view of violence in the domestic setting. It’s going to happen again between the two of them.

    She apparently said something to tick him off. She’ll do it again. She's figured out the button to push.

    He was apparently pissed off enough to deck her on that first occasion. He'll do it again, because his button can be pushed, and she knows it.

    Instead of recognizing that they are a lethal combination and separating going forward, they got married. That does not make any sense at all.

    This can't be fixed. Unfortunately, the termination of his contract and their ostracism, will only make the situation worse. It's time for a divorce or annulment or something which separates the two of them.

    This is not good.

    It shows me that they are both more emotional than logical about their pairing. That’s a recipe for disaster. We have not heard the last.

  2. It turned out, notfar, that she spit in his face just before he decked her. Not that this makes it anymore excusable. But you are correct that at least one person in a close relationship will know exactly how to "push that button." I saw this firsthand more than a few times.


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