Monday, December 5, 2011

Post No. 176d: Article of Interest: Tiger Woods BEFORE His Win Yesterday

Yesterday, golf and sex legend Tiger Woods won his first match in almost 2 years. The following article authored by Tiger himself appeared in the "My Turn" section of the November 29, 2010 issue of "Newsweek" Magazine. We thought that you might find it to be of interest, on many different levels.

"Last November, Everything I thought that I knew about myself changed abruptly, and what others perceived about me shifted, too. I had been conducting my personal life in an artificial way - as if detached from the values my upbringing had taught, and that I should have embraced.

"The physical pain from the car accident has long healed. But the pain in my soul is more complex and unsettling...."

To view the remainder of the article, click here.


  1. Www.puttererspen.blogspot.comTuesday, December 6, 2011 at 8:45:00 PM EST

    I am glad to hear Tiger Woods is trying to rebuild, but the article still seemed rather "I" centered to me. Not sure if he has truly got it yet.

  2. Thanks much putterersoen for sharing your thoughts with us. Interesting interpretation. We can see how one might view the statement in that light.

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