Sunday, July 12, 2009

Post No. 125a: TV Broadcast of Interest re Power of US Supreme Court

At this very moment as we type this, C-Span2 Book TV is airing a program entitled, "The Dirty Dozen: Twelve Supreme Court Cases Which Radically Changed the United States." It just started roughly 5 minutes ago.

The authors argue that the Judicial Branch was originally envisioned to be the weakest branch of government, that government was to be limited in power, and that freedoms were to be left to the individual.

The cases outlined were handed down since the New Deal, and both conservatives and liberals are guilty of this federal government expansion, although admittedly with respect to different issues and causes.


  1. "The Dirty Dozen tells the story of twelve little-known Supreme Court cases that altered the course of American history."

    One (well, this one anyway) wonders how the course of history can be altered without traveling back in time and then, of course, once done no one would know it was done except the doer. You can only affect the possible future, you cannot change the past (history).

  2. Douglas, in light of your comment, you might really enjoy a movie from the 1960s entitled The Time Machine.

  3. I did. I also enjoyed Deja Vu with Denzel Washington. And Ray Bradbury's short story A Sound of Thunder and Steven Baxter's continuation of Wells' The Time Machine, The Time Ships.

    A fascinating subject, time.


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