Friday, June 12, 2009

Post No. 122b: 45 Lessons Learned about Life

As we have mentioned on numerous occasions, our target audience is college students. Earlier today, we ran across this list of life's lessons on another blog. The list was originally generated by a writer, previously with the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

She has succinctly outlined many of the points we struggle to make in 750 words or less. Our hat goes off to her.

This is well worth the read. While it appears that there is a question as to the correct age of the writer, the wisdom expressed in these pearls is still valuable, no matter what the age of the writer. Quite frankly, we suspect that few 100 year old humans figure this stuff out by the time of their exit from this place.

To enjoy, simply click here.


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  2. You ought to read the Snopes' report on this one. Both true (she wrote it) and false (she's not 90).

    Here's a link her blog...

    Regina Brett

    I got this same email not a week or so ago.


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