Monday, May 18, 2009

Post No. 118a: Article of Interest Regarding Pakistan and Its Nuclear Arsenal

In Post No. 118, we posed a number of questions about principles, pragmatism, and situational ethics regarding the relationship between the United States and Pakistan.

For all of you who perhaps had not really thought about the Pakistani issue, this morning's New York Times article regarding its nuclear arsenal should grab your attention.

Is this an example of unintended consequences, or something else?

To read the story, click here.


  1. I would say... something else. Pakistan created their nuclear weapons program without our financial assistance. They created in response to India's successful program... something we also did not assist.

    Regardless, the question is not what we did and what the consequences might have been, the question is what do we do now and in the future?

  2. The something else is about HARD CHOICES IN LIFE. As our new President has now discovered, very few things are as simple as they initially appear when you do not have to make the decisions and live with the consequences. Very few people in life find themselves in the position of having to make decisions which significantly affect the lives of hundreds of people, much less millions.

    Those of you who have never had to run or manage anything but your family and your hot dog stand can comfortably sit on the sidelines and second guess decision makers. You have no clue.

  3. According to an article on, a link for which is provided, the United States has pledged 100 Million Dollars to assist displaced refugees in Pakistan.

  4. A few minutes ago, a program on Afghanistan and Pakistan began on C-Span2 Book TV.


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