Friday, April 10, 2009

Post No. 105a: What is Your Favorite Easter Egg Story from Childhood?

Earlier today, we contacted one of our long-term colleagues and mentioned that we were suffering from combat fatigue and post-traumatic stress syndrome because of all of the acrimony back and forth in our forum.

This is the same colleague who expressed some concern last year about the serious nature of the topics discussed on our blog, and that we might not achieve our goal of simply encouraging our readers to appreciate the views of others.

She suggested that whenever we want to lighten up the subject matter, all we need do is to get our readers to discuss food.

This being Good Friday, with Easter rapidly approaching, we thought that we might carry our readers back to another era, when they were kids, and participated in either coloring, hiding, finding, or eating Easter eggs, or all of the preceding.

So.... What is your favorite Easter egg memory from childhood?

By the way, for those of you interested in the story behind Easter eggs, click here.


  1. This is an anecdote, not from my childhood, but, rather, from my now-adult children's childhood.

    I started a tradition of making an Easter Bunny Cake. This was not just any old layer cake, however. This was a three-dimensional cake of a bunny on its haunches with ears standing erect. The entire thing was constructed using two cake layers, cut into appropriate pieces, which were held together with toothpicks and coconut flakes over Cool Whip icing, topped off with jelly bean eyes and nose, and toothpicks for whiskers. This three-dimensional sculpture was constructed on a platter and surrounded with the green Easter basket grass and decorated with jelly beans sprinkled around the base. Masterpiece!! (I must be a closet artist in my alter ego!)
    I got this request every year for about twenty-five years, until the past Easter. My adult son made his last request for this cake in 2007 and took the whole cake back to his bachelor condo in NC!! I smile now just reflecting on how family traditions and happy memories get started from the little things! Happy Easter!!


  2. I grew up when we went shopping for special Easter attire, complete with patent leather shoes, hat, gloves, and purse. We always dyed eggs and the Easter Bunny brought my sister and me baskets with our names iced on large chocolate eggs. The funniest story is one that came about post-Easter. In those days,baby chicks were dyed in pastel colors and people would scramble to get them for Easter gifts (a PETA nightmare). Most chicks would die from being over-handled, but ours would survive. When they were full-grown, my sister and I would spend an afternoon at my grandparents' home while mom and dad prepared fried chicken for supper.
    My dad was raised in a coal mining town with very little exposure to agriculture. Being the man of the house, he insisted on sacrificing the bird. Mom said she watched from the back door while dad took the chicken and placed its neck on a tree stump, then raised his axe to make a strike. The chicken, of course, would pop up and start to go away. Dad repeated the effort several times and mom offered to wring the chicken's neck. Dad said he could handle the alternate mode of demise without her help. He grabbed the chicken by its head, swung it around above his own head and set the bird on the ground. The chicken stood up and staggered from dizziness. At that point, mom said she went in the yard and, with a flick of the wrist, put the poor creature out of its misery.
    At supper that same evening, I picked up a chicken leg, and the connection between yard bird and fried meat clicked in my mind.

  3. This is very interesting topic. First it is off beat. Unlike of regular topics. Second it very close to everybody's heart of their or their family's traditions, childhood memories and reliving those past golden days. :D)

    Welcome Change...:)

    Thanks for this topic. It is like smelling a perfume, again and again, out of a bottle.

  4. Maybe I am too old to remember a favorite story about Easter from my childhood, but I do have one that makes me feel warm every time I think of it. Lew, my husband, and I were already on the road as full time RVer's when this story took place.

    The campground we were spending Easter Sunday in was having an Easter Egg hunt for the children during the morning hours. It was fun to watch the little ones fill their baskets with pretty eggs. And I thought that would be the highlight of my day. I do so love children.

    The real story however took place in the afternoon: Lew had gone out for a walk while I got our Easter Dinner on the table complete with a fancy table cloth, nice china and candles. I thought I would surprise him with these special touches we had at home, but had never had "on the road". Well we both had a nice surprise for each other. When Lew came back to our RV home he presented me with a bouquet of wild flowers and an Easter Egg that he swore he saw the Easter Bunny drop in his path just so he could bring it home to his Favorite Lady.

    Romance just gets better as a couple ages together. I promise you. You see as a young man Lew, like most men, would never have "been silly enough" to bring home an egg he had found after and Easter Egg hunt for kids let alone take the chance of someone seeing him picking a big bunch of wild flowers. With age he is secure enough with who he really is to allow a bit of fun and silliness. And his Favorite Lady is so happy for that fact. BB

  5. Hmmm. Guess that this was not the topic of the year, was it?

  6. Thank you for your kind comment. And Happy Easter!

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